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Cox’s Bazar is a land of immense natural beauty. It is unique due to its unique combination of seas and hills, rich socio-cultural heritage, non-communal coexistence of people of different religions and castes, and a combination of environment and biodiversity. It is said to be famous for its healthy places and natural beauty. Traveling along Marine Drive is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any video game. The 60 km long road from this city to Teknaf has crossed the sea and mountains. The longest marine drive in the world, built along the longest beach in the world. The world’s largest refugee camp has been built next to it; Kutupalong. And the Rohingya crisis is being called the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world at this time. For various reasons, the vision of the world has been recorded here.

There are six major islands, including the coral island of St. Martin. And various sea-mountain centered events. Especially adventurers like surfing, parasailing, scuba diving are completely different. However, such events are still very limited here. That is why there is frustration among the tourists.

History of Cox’s Bazar:

From the beginning of the ninth century until the Mughal conquest in 1617, a large part of Chittagong, including Cox Bazar, belonged to the Arakan State. The Mughal emperor Shah Shuja was fascinated by the natural beauty of Cox Bazar on his way to Arakan by a mountain road and ordered a camp to be set up there. About one thousand palanquins of his procession took up a position at Dulahajara, Chakriya in Cox Bazar. Dulhazara means a thousand couches. After the Mughals, Tripura and Arkan, then the Portuguese and the British took control of the area.

The name Cox’s Bazar comes from Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company. The previous name of Cox Bazar was Polanski. After the promulgation of the British East India Company Ordinance, 183, Warrant Hosting was appointed as the Governor of Bengal. Hiram Cox was then appointed director-general of the couch. Captain Cox tried to resolve the thousand-year-old conflict between Arakanese refugees and local Rakhine and made significant progress in resettling the refugees, but died before the work could be completed (1899). A market was established to commemorate his rehabilitation contribution and was named Mr. Cox’s Market. Cox’s Bazar Thana was first established in 1854 and the municipality was formed in 189.

Location ‍and Map of Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar Beach is a beach in Chittagong, Bangladesh. At 150 kilometers (93 miles) long, it is the longest natural beach in the world. However, Australia’s 151 kilometers (94 miles) of 90 miles is currently the longest beach in the world, although Australia Some parts of the beach are man-made. Its beach is the most popular tourist attraction in Bangladesh.

Best time to visit Cox’s Bazar:

  The weather in Cox’s Bazar changes frequently. Throughout the year it is a combination of hot, rainy and cold. So the best time to come to Cox Bazar is from December to April. Because at this time the weather in Its makes the mind happy and fresh. Especially in March, the plants are full of flowers and fruits, so it will be very fun to spend time on the beach of Cox Bazar with the fragrance of flowers. Moreover, the temperature in Cox Bazar ranges from 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit from December to April. As a result, you will not feel tired. If you are looking for a hot time to travel, you have to come in April, May and June. However, May is the warmest month. This time is always above 34 degrees Celsius during the day and below 25 degrees Celsius at night. And if you want to enjoy the view of the sea. However, you can come between July and November. Because at this time the surroundings are full of water. As a result, the sea views are more beautiful.

Cox’s Bazar Weather in January to April:

The average humidity is 65% and the average temperature is 76 ° Fahrenheit. The weather is the best and it’s a great time to visit Cox’s Bazar. The highest temperature recorded during this period is 95 Fahrenheit. An ideal season to visit here. The average rainfall during this period is 7.1 mm.

Cox’s Bazar Weather in May to August:

It is the best season to visit Cox’s Bazar, the average temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is great for the outdoors, the air is tolerably humid It is probably one of the best travel high seasons to visit here. The average rainfall during this time is about 211.2 mm.

Cox’s Bazar Weather in September to October :

A pleasant time to stay in Cox’s Bazar. Temperatures range between 73 F and 91 ° F. The average temperature is 82 Fahrenheit. Although the weather is always humid. It is not as hot as the other Months. The average rainfall during this time is about 568.66 mm.

Cox’s Bazar Weather in November to December :

Average humidity 72%. Temperatures range from 54 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause some discomfort and fatigue. However, the weather is perfect for sightseeing around here.

Where to stay in Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach, has thousands of tourists from home and abroad. So many more hotels including 5-star hotels are being built all the time. : It is the largest tourist destination in Bangladesh. Cox Bazar, the world’s largest and most spectacular beach, has a number of international hotels, motels and resorts. Besides, many resorts, hotels and boarding houses of different standards have been set up under public and private management.

It can be traveled from a minimum of Rs 200 to a maximum of Rs 10,000. The rent of Hotel Seagull is Rs. 2,200-6,000. The rent of hotel algae is 1,000-3,000 rupees. The rent of Hotel Laboni is 800-3,000 rupees. Upal rent is 1000-1500 rupees. The rent of C Crown is 200-3,000 rupees. Zia Guest Hall is 300-2,000 rupees.

Rent The rent of other hotel resthouses is often fixed. However, before traveling to Cox Bazar, it is better to contact the phone and send a booking to ensure accommodation. Rooms can be rented by talking directly.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Cox’s Bazar

Windy Terrace Boutique Hotel:

It is absolutely amazing hotel with a Bar. The hotel is situated 3km from Coxs Bazar airport.

  • Amenities:  Free WiFi, Free Parking, Room service, Restaurant, Spa and wellness center, Bar, Tea/coffee maker in all rooms, Concierge service, ATM/cash machine on site, 24-hour front desk, Meeting/banquet facilities, Laundry, Air conditioning, Kids friendly.
  • Check-in: 1.00pm
  • Check out: 11.00am
  • Contact Number:+88 01936 444777
  • Address: Plot # 40,Block – C, Kolatoli,
  • Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • E-mail:
  • Google Map: Click Here To Visit Google Map ….Read More

Hotel Sea Crown:

It is located 1.5km from the Sughanda Beach and also located 3km from laboni Beach. And 4.8km from Coxs Bazar airport .

  • Amenities: Free WiFi, Beachfront, Free parking, Airport shuttle, Room service, Restaurant, Bar, Beach, Water sport facilities, Laundry, Dry cleaning, Shoeshine, kids friendly, 24-hour front desk, Newspapers, Air conditioning and many more.
  • Check-in: 12.00pm
  • Check out: 10.00am
  • Contact Number: +88 01817-08 94 20
  • Address: Marine Drive, Kola Toli New Beach Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • E-mail: Read More…

Hotel Elaf International:

This beautiful hotel has its own garden. You can walk around the garden as you wish.

  • Amenities:
    Free Breakfast, Free wifi, Air conditioning room, Room service, iron service, Food and Drink, Restaurants, Free Parking, Airport shuttle, Free Breakfast, Garden, laundry, Concierge service and many more.
  • Address: Plot # 52, Block # B, Sugondha Point, Coxs Bazar 4700
  • Contact Number: 01726-000077, 01878-199999
  • Email:
  • Check-in: 6: 30 am
  • Check out: 12:15pm
  • Google Map: Click Here for google map …Read More…

Hotel Beach Way:

This is a modern hotel in Cox’s Bazar. It is a well-appointed and luxurious hotel with 60 rooms.

  • Amenities: 
    Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free wifi, Buffet breakfast, 24hr front desk, Room Service, , 24hr reception, Beach view facilities, Restaurants, Outdoor pool, Kids friendly, Airport Shuttle, etc.
  • Check-in: Any time
  • Check out: 12.00pm
  • Contact Number: 01777909595, 01617 909595, 01849900000, 01967 122422
  • Phone Number: 034164858, 034164464
  • Address: House # 21, Block # C, Kolatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
  • E-mail:,
  • Google Map: Click Here to Visit Google Map …Read More

 Hotel Silver Bay:

It is one of the luxury hotels. If you want you can spend the tiring time of travel here.

  • Amenities: 
    Free Breakfast, Buffet breakfast, Free wifi, Free Parking, Room Service, Restaurants, Beach view facilities, kids friendly, airport shuttle, 24hr reception, Outdoor pool, 24hr front desk and many more.
  • Check-in: Any Time
  • Check out: 12.00am
  • Contact Number: 01958-143220
  • Address: Plot-1, Block-B, Sugandha Point, New Beach Rd, Coxs Bazar
  • Google Map: Click Here to Visit Google Map …Read More

Best Western Heritage Hotel:

The hotel is located near the beach and coastline of Cox’s Bazar. You can feel the scenery from the veranda. It is 3 miles from Himchhari Falls, 3 miles from Cox’s Bazar Airport and 10 minutes from Kolatli Beach.

  • Amenities: 
    Free Breakfast, Buffet breakfast, Free wifi, Free Parking, Room Service, Accessibility, Beach view facilities, Outdoor pool, 24hr front desk, Some rooms have Kitchen, Restaurants, kids friendly, airport shuttle, 24hr reception, Hot tub, Spa, Some rooms have Kitchen, and many more.
  • Check-in: 2.00pm
  • Check out: 11.00am
  • Contact Number: +8801777-744034
  • Fax Number: +88034152618
  • Address: Heritage Hotel, 173-1, Bypass Road, Kalatoli Circle, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • E-mail:
  • Google Map: Click Here to Visit Google Map …Read More

Long Beach Hotel:

The Long Beach Hotel is 12 minutes from Cox’s Bazar Beach and 1.9 miles from Cox’s Bazar Airport. There are lots of facilities available here and it is also kid-friendly, so you can easily stay with your kids.

  • Amenities:
    Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Breakfast Buffet, Airport Shuttle, Business Center, Beach Access, Front Desk 24-Hour Service, Air Conditioning Rooms, Kitchen in Some Rooms, Full-Service Laundry, Restaurant, 24-Hour Room Service, Child-Friendly, Indoor Pool, Fitness Center, Spa kids friendly, Hot Tub and Many More
  • Check-in time: 13:00
  • Check-out time: 11:00
  • Contact Number: 01755-660051
  • Address: 14, Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone, 4700
  • Email: …Read More

Grace Cox Smart Hotel:

It is 1.5 miles from the center of Cox’s Bazar. They are giving many opportunities. The hotel is located near proximity to the Sughandha sea beach Point. This is a child-friendly hotel.

  • Amenities:
    Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Airport shuttle, 24hr Reception, Room service, Air conditioning rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant and many more
  • Contact Number:+88 01700 707788
  • Address: Plot 22, Block C, Kolatoli, Sea Beach Road Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • E-mail:
  • Check-in: 12:00am
  • Check-out: 10:00pm ..Read More

Hotel Prime Park:

This hotel is located 5.6 miles from the famous waterfall Himchori. 10 minutes drive from Kolatoli Beach and 25 minutes drive from Cox’s Bazar Airport. The quality of service of this hotel is very good.

  • Amenities:
    Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Free laundry, Air conditioning Room service, 24hr Reception, Restaurant, Kids friendly, 24-hour front desk, free newspaper ‍and many more.
  • Check-in: 12:00pm
  • Check out: 11:00am
  • Contact Number: +8801775609915,+8801842609915
  • Address: Plot 58, Block C Hotel Motel Zone, Coxs Bazar 4700
  • E-mail: Read More

Hotel Exotica Sampan:

The hotel is 4.3 miles from Cox’s Bazar Airport and about 5 miles from Himchhari National Park and 3.7 miles from Cox’s Bazar Airport. The quality of service in this hotel is very modern and advanced.

  • Amenities:
    Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Breakfast Buffet, Air conditioning Room service, Restaurant, Kid’s friendly, Airport Shuttle, 24-hour front desk, Beach viewing facilities, 24hr Reception and many more.
  • Check-in:12.00pm
  • Check out:11.00am
  • Contact Number: 02-51063998
  • Address: Marine Drive, Road, Coxs Bazar 4701 …….Read More

Top 10 Hotels Under your Budget in Cox’s Bazar

  • Seagull Hotels Ltd:
  • Well Park Resort:
  • Hotel Sea Cox:
  • Prasad Paradise:
  • Hotel shams Plaza:
  • Hotel Sea Alif:
  • Sea Welcome Resort:
  • Hotel Water Orchid:
  • Laguna Beach Hotel And Resort:
  • Sayeman Beach Resort:

How to go Cox’s Bazar :

By Air

Domestic flights in Bangladesh are operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines ( and UBD ( You need to get a plane ticket from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. There are regular flights between Dhaka and a few other cities. Priced at 50-430. And takes 3 hours. These are cheap, most routers are served at least two or three times a week. Domestic airports include Barisal, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Syedpur.

By Rood

If you want to go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka at the lowest rate, you can go by bus. It will cost the highest of 25 $-35 $ UK ‍and of 11 hours 40 minutes by bus.

Best Things to Do in Coxs Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar Beach:

The biggest attraction of Cox’s Bazar is visiting the beaches and enjoying the nature experience. There are many shops here selling Knicks, Necklace, Seychelles jewelry and other souvenirs. Many vendors are selling almost all marine fish including dried fish, hilsa, samuk, but dried fish and hilsa is one of the most delicious local food. You can gain experience and knowledge of jet skiing and parasailing. These two things must be on the tourist list. As this beach is in the city of Cox’s Bazar, it is always buzzing with a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Inani Beach:

It is one of the best places to visit. There you will see a great view of lots of coral reefs. Swim at high tides as the waves are very predictable and refresh your life.

Marine Drive:

On the way to Inani Beach, you can enjoy a 30-minute peace drive by car drive or any other transportation. Marine Drive has views of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. This great experience will make you forget all the worries and fatigue of your life. Cox’s Bazar is one of the largest beaches in the world.


Himachori is about 5 miles from Cox’s Bazar town. If you want to visit the best place in Cox’s Bazar, you have to come here. Because the mountains and the sea are both in the same place, so it is a suitable place for tourists.

Radiant Fish World:

Radiant Fish World is an amazing and beautiful place, it’s a good place for children. You will get an underwater view here. You will be learned many underwater creations. This will amaze you and Increase your knowledge about sea life. The children will love this place very much. It’s open every day of the week from 9.30 am to 9.00 pm.

Mermaid Beach Resort:

Mermaid Beach Resort located about 10 miles or 16km south of Cox’s Bazar Beach. It is a delightful Marine Drive that provides for a 30 minutes drive. It is located in the cool area of Pechardwip, Marine Drive Road, Cox’s Bazar. Set between 4.86 hectares or 12 acres of land, facing the world’s longest Beach, ten-bedroom Beach Villa’s including 3 Family Beach Villa’s, 5 private pool suites, and 1 Beach Villa with a living room. Guestrooms offer eco-friendly designs attached to a renowned responsibility to the environment and the Mermaid philosophy of Redefining Experiences. Dining include and they serving a daily buffet breakfast. mermaid Resor also organized an Elephant Show. You can learn here how to protect the Elephant

Sonadia Island:

Sonadia Island has Located about 4.4 miles or 7 km from Coxs Bazar. If you want to go there, At first you need to go to Maheskhali ghat. Sonadia Island is a small island, offshore of the Cox Bazar coast in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. Sonadia is located at Kutubjom Union in Maheshkhali Upazila, 9.3 miles north-west of cox bazar District Headquarters. It is located at latitude 21.28˝-21.33˝ and longitude 91.50˝-91.56˝.

Laboni Beach:

It is the most popular beach in Cox’s Bazar for tourists. Traveler can freely enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Wonderful view of the coastal line all day around. There is a big market to buy something memorable, but don’t forget to bargain. Here You can see a combination of beaches and hills.


It is Another historic place in Cox’s Bazar. It is located on the coast of here. Just near the hill, lies the temple of Adhinath, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, there is a Buddhist Pagoda, displaying interesting Buddhist traditional items, and offers hills and a little mangrove forest, which is reminiscent of the Sundarbans, minus the Royal Bengal tigers. The location of the tiger gives you the opportunity to enjoy the life of the peaceful islands and learn the ways of Rakhine.


Ramu is a 16km village in Cox’s Bazar. It has a display of precious stones, There is a huge bronze statue of Buddha 100 feet here. The third-largest statue in the world name Great Buddha is situated here. It located at Ramu, 12.4 miles from Cox’s Bazar towards, Chittagong. You can also see monasteries and Pagodas. Traveler can also purchase handmade cigars from craftsmen.

Best Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar:

Tourist Attractions

Many organizations have been formed here focusing on the tourism industry. Apart from many privately owned hotels and motels built by the Bangladesh Tourism Center, there are twenty five-star hotels near the beach. Besides, the oyster market has been developed here for tourists. On the border, the Burmese market is made up of foreign goods from Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, China, etc. The only fish aquarium in the country is here. There are also parasailing, water biking, beach biking, Cox Carnival Circus show, Darya Nagar Ecopark, numerous architectures built by Cox Bazar Development Authority, Future Park, Children’s Park and numerous photoshoot spots. There is also the Teknaf Geological Park. There are night beach concerts to enjoy. Illuminating the beach with lighting also allows you to enjoy the sea at night. The largest sea aquarium in the world is being constructed by the Cox Bazar Development Authority. Cable cars and Disneyland.

It is inhabited by different tribes or ethnic groups which has made the city more diverse. The Chakma community is the chief among these tribes. The city of Cox Bazar and the nearby Ramu has a Buddhist temple as a holy pilgrimage site for Buddhists. The temple in this town has several rare Buddhist statues. These temples and statues are famous as one of the healthiest places for tourists in Bangladesh.

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